Japan’s pacifist constitution could be changed by 2020 – Abe

7 years ago by in Politics

Shinzo Abe said recently that Japan’s pacifist constitution approved after the World War II, which makes the country to limit its military activity only to self-defense, could be changed by 2020.

The constitution “will have been revised” by 2020 when Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympics, Abe said according to the Japanese press.

“(By 2020), I think Japan will have completely restored its status and been making great contributions to peace and stability in the region and the world,” he said.

Japan, with its elevated status, could help Asia become a “balanced and stable region”, Abe added, according to the international press.

“As it has been 68 years since its enactment now, national debate should be further deepened toward a revision (of the constitution) to grasp the changing times,” he said during a New Year message.

“Now is the time for Japan to take a big step forward toward a new nation-building effort.”

The statement comes after Shinzo Abe outraged Japan’s neighboring countries by visiting the Yasukuni controversial war shrine in Tokyo last week. His gesture created a great tension in China and South Korea, both victims of Japan’s wartime aggression.