Japan’s sex industry to cut prices in 2013

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sex industryJapan’s stock prices have been recently rising and this could mean new hopes appear in the local economy, including a rise of the adult-entertainment clubs business.

If this industry is willing to extend, first it will have to cut prices, according to Akira Ikoma, the editor of a Japanese monthly guide to men’s entertainment called Ore no Tabi. “Even with hope of an economic recovery, economizing on the part of patrons will continue,” says the editor.

The adult-entertainment clubs will probably use several methods of cutting prices, according to Ikoma, such as complimentary club visits and the sharing of sex workers.

For the free club visits, the clubs will make discounts for volume business. “For example, if three guys go into a fuzoku club,” says the editor referring to a sex shop, “one guy will be on the house. Also, if a customer uses a particular club four times, one trip will not be charged.

“They key for the clubs is to keep customers coming,” he says. “Allowing female employees to sit around with nothing to do is to be avoided.”

Also, sex workers will be shared. The practice is similar to sharing an apartment or a car: “For some popular girls it is tough to get a reservation,” says Ikoma. “Customers interested in coming to a club for a particular girl will be given the option of sharing her with another customer.”

Low costs could attract more customers. The editor estimates that a single client will outlay Y15,000 for a service that lasts 60 minutes. However, the cost drops to Y10,000 if he shares the girl with another customer.