Japan’s Taihei Kato breaks arm during ski crash – Sochi Winter Games

7 years ago by in Sports

Japan’s ski jumper Taihei Kato broke his arm during a Nordic Combined event at the Sochi Olympics on Tuesday.

Things were going well for Kato during his impressive 126.5 meters jump, but in the end things turned out for the worse for the sportsman as he attempted to gain balance after landing.

His ski caused him trouble, making Kato to lose his balance despite his efforts of trying to keep himself upwards. After a short time of balancing, Kato began to tilt and his ski then dislodged itself from his boot.

The skier crashed into the snow at a high speed, rolling down the mountain and breaking his arm due to the strong impact.

Luckily, it was the only injury the sportsman has suffered, as the violent crash looked like it could have done far worse damage.

It is not the first significant ski injury suffered at the 2014 Sochi Olympics as Russia’s Mikhail Maksimochkin fractured two ribs and spent a few days in the hospital after a fall last week, according to the international press.