Japan’s Unique Mobile Phone Cases That Will Definitely Make You Wish They Were Real

7 years ago by in Technology


One of the most awesome things about Japan, you have to admit, is that you can always find new inventions like these super duper awesome phone cases. However, the phone cases are going to be bulky if you want your phone to be all dressed up. There are phone cases of cartoon characters, objects, and even… food! Yes, you heard me. It’s pretty awesome how they come up with different unique phone cases just to customize your phone and not let it look dull. Check out the phone cases shown below. Be warned though, these pictures may make you hungry!


Looks like the iPhone 5/5s has many food phone cases to choose from!


And now…  here is one of the unique cases called “icePhone” which are popsicle-inspired phone cases. They currently go for 3,800 yen.


There are some people who dislike these phone cases because of their bulkiness but the majority of the people are truly in love with these unique phone cases.  


The cool thing about it is that it won’t melt! Also, it’s not going to be cold BUT if you want it to be cold, you can put it in the freezer. *Troll Face* 


This one is different because it’s a fried food phone holder. It gets the job done and looks delicious too!


You can use your devices without even holding them, but you will get hungry in the process of using your devices because… just look at that… it looks so good! This phone holder goes for about 7,500 yen.




Behold! An egg sandwich phone case! This yum yum goes for about 3,800 yen. Hey, you can even use it as a couple case!


Maybe having this phone case can make you full without even eating.


Different angles of the egg shell phone case.


If you look at it closely, it looks so real… O_O


And lastly, a phone case that has everything. There are eggs, konjac, radish, etc.



Source: rakuten.ne.jp