Here Are Some of Japan’s Most Unusual RC Toys

7 years ago by in Technology

RC toys are pretty popular throughout the world. There’s your usual planes, choppers, UFOs, and flying “space balls”, but is that all that Japanese toy makers have invented? Here are some of the unusual RC toys of Japan.

Cockroaches: It’s true that Japanese summers are roach fests but why would you want a bigger cockroach?


A couple of years ago, a company called Taiyo created the first RC Flying Cockroach. They were followed by a company called JTT, which created an iPad and iPhone-controlled Gokiraji Remote Control Cockroach. If the picture doesn’t make you itch enough, here’s a video… 🙂 You’re welcome.

source: YouTube

Centipede: One of JTT’s newest RC toys is this RC Centipede. There are two different types of centipedes… and they’re both creepy.


source: YouTube

Tissue Box: What if your friend or a relative has a cold and there’s no tissue around. Alternatively, if there are some tissues around, you may be too lazy to get up and hand it to them. But, with this Tissue Box RC, you can drive the tissue box to them and you wouldn’t have to get up.



Trolley Cart: Like the Tissue Box RC, you can also deliver any object (as long as it fits on the trolley) with the Trolley Cart RC. It can be used to transport objects and it’s pretty useful.


source: YouTube

Sugoi Mop RC/Cleaning Mop: If you hate cleaning then this is your answer. 


source: YouTube

Gomiba Go Remote Control Garbage Can: This is useful if you don’t feel like getting up to throw trash, the trash can comes to you instead.


source: japantrends