Japan’s vending machines soon to be Wi-Fi capable

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Vending machines in Japan are not only common but growing in numbers rapidly. Every street corner has a vending machine.  Still, a vending machine with Wi-Fi capability is an outright new thing to a country tech-loving but Wi-Fi starved.

Soon, Japan will see these Wi-Fi-enabled vending machines to be launched by Japanese drinks giant Asahi initially over the next 12 months with a total of 1,000 vending machines with Wi-Fi capability. The drinks company however has said it is introducing more of these machines to follow with a target of 10,000 by 2017.

At present, drinks company Asahi has about 250,000 vending machines scattered on every street corner throughout Japan.

The Wi-Fi signal from the machine will be intermittently available for 30 minutes and would have a range covering a distance of around 50 meters. The best thing is that the service would be for free- Japanese can access the service without the need to buy any drinks from the machine. It’s believed that people will end up buying drinks after standing close to the vending machine for some time to get a Wi-Fi signal especially during the summer season.

With this innovative service it is anticipated that not only would vending machines be highly popular in Japan; but also it would prove to become a hotspot with bunch of people around working on their Wi-Fi ready gadgets a common sight.