Japan’s weak economy to grow gender gap

6 years ago by in Featured, Japan

gender equalityJapan has been trying for 17 years to grow the local support of gender equality, but a recent survey showed a dramatic reversal, according to the international press.

About 51 percent of the Japanese men think their wives should stay at home. The number of men who support this idea grew 10.3 percent between 2009 and 2012.

Most of the respondents are young: about 55.7 percent of the men whose age is around 20 said wives should stay home, up 21.4 points from the last survey. The category of women in the same age bracket who share the same opinion rose 15.9 points to 43.7 percent.

Experts say the shift might be related to the weak economy.

“Young people have grown up with this scenario, see it every day, and know there is no longer a good exit from the debacle. It’s too late. The pile of debt is too big. Promises about job security and retirement are illusory. They work longer hours for less pay than their predecessors, don’t have enough money to move out from home, and consume practically everything they make”, journalist Wolf Richter said, quoted by Business Insider.

“I suspect young people today are deeply concerned about their future because of prolonged difficulty in finding jobs and the sluggish economy, so they may wish for the home to be a source of emotional support”, Prof. Kakuko Miyata of Meiji Gakuin University said.