“Japino” beauty wants to bridge Japan and the Philippines

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Naomi S. Kida, a 24 year-old born in Manila, is perhaps the first “Japino” to reach the finals of the Miss Universe-Japan contest, writes the Inquirer in the introduction of a detailed interview which presents the model.

She is the daughter of Cristina Rivera Santiaguel from the Philippines and Japanese Masami Kida, president of a cement production company.

Since she was 1 year old she has been going back and forth to the Philippines and Japan. When she was 10 years old, Naomi started to live in Japan longer than in the Philippines. Her hometown in Japan is Nobeoka City, the second largest city in Miyazaki Prefecture.

At 170 cm, tall by Japanese and Philippine standards, Naomi has played volleyball in school. She sees herself as a free-lance model, a tourism education consultant and, last but not least, one of the 2011 Miss Universe Japan Top 5, a title she got in June 2011 at the beauty contest organized in Tokyo.

She thinks that being half-Filipino has its advantages, as she is trilingual (she is fluent in Japanese, English and Filipino) and can have “a wider perspective than most Japanese people”.

She recently got a degree in international economics at Hosei University in Tokyo and intends to open an international language school to help Japanese who want to learn English. She says she has good contacts to both the Japanese and Philippine embassies and feels now closer to her dream “which is to become the bridge between Japan and the Philippines”.