Kaiten Sushi

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One of the days in Japan I noticed a "Kaiten Zushi" place nearby from our hotel. Being only familiar with the other kaiten word (回天) the concept sounded quite strange and we decided to see what’s that place about.

Inside it turned out to be just a regular sushi place, but with a rolling belt around chef’s isle and on that belt pre-made sushi dishes were rolling, just like you can see in some Anime.

Even though we were handed a menu, it is mostly needed to know the prices, since usually you just pick whatever plates you like from when they move near you on the table.
Some things (like unagi) are never on that belt it seems and you need to ask the chief to make one just for you (because it’s hot and would cool otherwise?)

Here’s how it look like:

Pretty cool concept, esp. if you can secure a seat near the spot where the chief puts his freshly made sushi so that you can have it ahead of others.

The sushi was nice. Unfortunately I cannot read the name even though I still have the receipt and Google does not seem to know it.
It’s located just on the side of the McDonalds here

"boiled squid legs"

Horse mackerel sushi

Sardine sushi.

I did not know they make sushi from this sort of fish too…

All sushi are divided into classes based on cost.
Everything that costs the same is put onto a uniquely colored plate.

When you are done you will have a "tower" of plates like this.
While you move to the cash register a waiter will count all plates, multiply by the price, add whatever extras you had (like beer) and that would be your total bill amount.