Kamakura Visit

10 years ago by in Travel

Despite of living in Japan for four years, I’ve visited Kamakura only once! Here are a few pics from that day. You can check out rest of the pictures here.

Alex posing

This is the main statue of Buddha at Kamakura.

Curry for lunch

this place was called OXYMORON.


Looks like it was Halloween that day. Coz this is surely not a common sight in a place like Kamakura ^^;

Sampo time

Walking around the streets of Kamakura.

Cycling around

I remember it was a warm October morning. Perfect weather for cycling, Well almost…in Japan expecting blue skies on all days is trying to be very very optimistic.

No English

I guess these people are sick of the Gaijin tourists walking in and not knowing what to order for lunch 😉

Alex showing his moves...

This was a Podcast meet, so Alex did record some stuff on that day. I don’t think that recording ever saw the light of the day though 😛


I wish I had those kinda windows behind me for Hot summer days 😛


Army of ? This was some other shrine we went to that day. Had hardly 30 mins left before they shut down, so didn’t get to see a lot in there.

Ocean View

It had a nice (cloudy) view though.