What This Man Does With Small Babies Shocked Me, Not What You Think

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A picture of the pastor who made the baby drop box.

A pastor in South Korea built a wooden drop box. It’s not a redbox movie drop box or a mail drop box. It’s actually a baby drop box where people can put their unwanted babies in instead of throwing them away. It’s sad how there are actually people who throw their babies away. He made the drop box so that he can save the babies’ lives. His name is Pastor Lee Jong-rak. He’s from the Jusarang Church located in Seoul, South Korea. People actually do drop their babies in the drop box rather than throwing them away.

Instead of leaving their babies to die, he asks the parents to put their babies inside the box.
You can see that the box is safe, it’s heated and also has smoke┬ádetectors. The baby drop box is attached to the church.
In Seoul, many babies have been abandoned by their parents and die.
Pastor Lee Jong-rak wanted to change that so he created the baby drop box.

You may think that it’s not real that people in Seoul abandon their babies and are left out to die. It’s really sad but it’s the truth. One man decided to change that and he is has already saved many children’s lives. Pastor Lee is truly an amazing person.

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