Kirin Animated Disney Characters On Their Tea Drink Products To Make A Flipbook

7 years ago by in Japan


Kirin,  a company that manufactures tea drinks, has featured Disney characters on the labels of their product, Gogo no Kocha. It’s something that kids would like to buy right? But, if you took a closer look at those tea drinks, you’d notice that there are also numbers printed on the labels, as shown below.


There are some people who actually noticed the numbers, but didn’t know what they meant.


If you’ve collected a few of the bottles with different numbers after you’ve finished drinking the tea, you can line them all up next to each other in order and be amazed. It’s actually a flipbook. Some Japanese writers went again and bought 32 bottles of Kirin’s tea drink, which comes with three Disney characters (one for each flavor) and each bottle has different illustrations on the sides.


What they did was line up the illustrations in order and took a picture of each side.


The results are just so adorable!

Here is Mickey Mouse:


And here is Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh!

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