KitKat opens its first store, promotes unique flavors

7 years ago by in Business

The first KitKat store in the world can now be found in Japan, in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood, and sells types of chocolate that are not sold anywhere else.

Among other chocolate versions, the store sells Sublime Bitter, which is widely known in Asian countries and which is rare because it is made by hand, so only 300 bars a day are produced.

Other flavors include Roasted Tea, Strawberry Cheesecake, Rum Raisin, Apple and Green Tea, Mandarin and Lemon, Purple Potato and Cinnamon Cookie, the international press reports.

The store in Japan also sells unique specialties that include Special Sakura Green Tea and Special Chilli.

“KitKat is close to being a cult product in Japan, and it is a very special market for us,” global brand manager Stewart Dryburgh said.

Japanese public seems to be among the most interested nations in KitKat’s products, says Dryburgh.

Nestle, KitKat’s maker, says the chocolate has been Japan’s favorite snack since 2012, mainly because Nestle promoted there special flavors adapted to Japanese people’s tastes.

The concept of the single-product chocolate shop is a growing trend, with boutiques such as Mars’s M&M’s World opening up in the United States and the United Kingdom.