Make Noodles Instantly With This Awesome Technology

7 years ago by in Technology


There are many people who are too tired or think that kneading is too much work, but with this technology, you can have spaghetti, soba, udon, and ramen almost instantly without having to do any work at all. This machine, called Philips Noodle Maker, is able to pump out any type of noodle.


Its mode of operation is very simple. All you need to do is put your chosen ingredients (such as flour, water, eggs, and other things that you may want to add) and hit the start button once you’re done. That’s how the Philips Noodle Maker works. The company stated that you can make 500g of noodles within 15 minutes. Included are four different types of caps that will shape your mix into your choice of raw noodles; it can be shaped into soba, ramen, udon, and even spaghetti.


This video makes me want to purchase one of this…

This product is only available in Japan and only limited markets such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, you can purchase one from JapanTrendShop but it’s pretty pricey.

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