Kozuka wins qualifying round in skating championships

9 years ago by in Travel

Photo by tiseb

Despite a heavy heart the Japanese figure staking team is impressing fans in Moscow. On April 25 Takahiko Kozuka placed first in the men’s qualifying round at the World Figure Skating Championships in Moscow. He finished the round almost 30 points ahead of the second place skater, Alexander Majorov, from Sweden.
Kozuka was the first skater in the qualifying round and despite one small error, finished his routine with 165 points. Marjorov scored 136.64 points during his routine.

In an interview with the Canadian Press, Kozuka said he wanted his performance to provide courage to his fellow countrymen and woman who continue to deal with problems from the March 11 natural disasters. All the members of the Japanese skating team have been wearing stickers reading "Rebirth Japan. We are always with you."

The world championships were supposed to have been held in Tokyo on March 21, but the event was canceled because of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country 10 days earlier. [CP] [SI]