LED tub changes colors for a “healing bath experience”

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Japanese jacuzzi and bath company Takeshita released Hotaru, a glowing tub that promises to provide a “healing bath experience” while it changes between seven different colors.

“Hotaru” (the Japanese word for “Firefly”) changes rainbow colors by using LED lights that are waterproof and that can be turned on or off by using a button. The tub can be also used as an alternative source of light for the bathroom, according to the local press.

The bath can also work on an auto mode that randomly changes the seven colors. It can be connected to the bathroom’s lights, so when the bathtub’s lights are on, the ones of the bathroom go off.

The “rainbow bath”, which can hold up to 350 liters, is designed to provide a comforting and relaxing experience, according to international publications.  There is also a ‘blower’ type for those who like to take bubble baths.

However, relaxation comes with a price and it is not a cheap one, the press comments. The rainbow bath’s price goes up to around $15,000 and the company can arrange for installations throughout Japan.