Less than 7 percent of the Japanese read e-books

6 years ago by in Japan, Technology

Only 6.7 percent of the Japanese read e-books and 22.2 percent would like to use them in the future, according to a Jiji Press survey carried out in March.

69.8 percent of the Japanese have no intention of buying an e-book reader. However, the 6.7 percent of the people who said they use e-book readers is about double the 3.3 percent who gave the same answer in a previous survey conducted one year ago.

The number of those who said they read e-books is about double the 3.3 percent who responded the same in the previous survey in March 2011.

By age group, the proportion of those reading e-books stood at 18.5 percent among respondents in their 30s, followed by 11.3 percent for respondents in their 20s, according to the local press.

Only 6.1 percent of the people in their 40s read e-books, while the rate falls even more for the people in their 50s, with 4.1 percent. People in their 60s and older represent only 1.5 percent of the e-book readers, according to the survey.

By gender, 8.1 percent of men and 5.4 percent of women read e-books.

As for the advantage of e-books, 43.5 percent said they are convenient to carry and 41.3 percent said they help save space. But 30.4 percent saw no particular advantage to e-book readers.

The survey was conducted from March 8 to 11 and 2,000 adults were approached, with 1,276 providing valid responses.