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Available on the Ipad and Iphone – Alice in Wonderland? Alice is the lead character in our new Graphic Novel "Scar, The Dark Side Of The Mind" Created by Remo Camerota from RAVEN and set to be a feature film. It is a Dark Psychological Thriller based in a not so distant fanciful future done in a cross of manga and European style art. We have finally jumped all the hurdles that come with getting Apples approval on Apps for Itunes. Our title Scar is less than wholesome consumption, and some of the subject matters and artwork really called for apples attention. I wont discuss the story here as you will find the Synopsis on the Itunes link and on our website, but I will tell you that the material within the pages of "SCAR" is totally and definitely Rated "M’ for Mature audiences. The subject matters dealt with in the story range from Identity crisis, plastic surgery, celebrity addiction, narcissism, zombies,suicide, military corruption and violence. Oh did i mention Sex, yes and lots of it, with a bit of nudity splashed in. So the interesting thing is that all of these subjects are totally cool with Apple until it comes to …You guessed it, nudity, showing a breast or 2 in an illustration here and there. Thats right, we were ok with all the zombies, violence and death, but when it came to Breasts and fanny – they had to be censored.Its ART for ARTS sake! Further more , they also said that I could not have an image witha polaroid frame around it as polaroid may have issues with it being represented in this way…weird huh. 🙂
Anyway, I will say that Apple are still totally cool to let all of these other subjects pass, and thus our solution was to merely put a censored sticker of the nudy bits. Which to us at RAVEN makes it all the more sexy anyway. 🙂 Also we just changed the frame around the polaroids
MADE IN JAPAN: The Making Of:
RAVEN was co founded by myself and Partner/friend Kumicho, and the last 3 years I have spent in Japan Illustrating and Directing a small team to create my vision into this wonderful, complete work of art. Well complete Vol 1 of 2, 200 pages of pure Manga – East meets West delightfulness we call JAPANICAN. Book 2 is being made as we read.
Working on a manga graphic novel in Japan is more than challenging. We wanted to break the rules with this work, and all of our upcoming work, next title being "Origami Moon", and in Japan this is more than difficult. Japanese Mangaka are set in their ways and believe that there is only one way to do Japanese Manga. BUT we live in a transcendental world and things evolve. RAVEN have decided to become vindicators of change in this visual medium and we have created our own style of manga dubbed JAPANICAN. Dont get me wrong, I love and respect all things manga and japanese in the visual arts, but I do feel that merging talent from the West with the East is a great thing and there is always room for something new in this world, dont you agree.
Please enjoy our first release, set to be a feature film coming soon, Scar, Dark Side Of The Mind.
Artists and Illustrators on the project are: Remo Camerota, Rafael Gosienisky, Sakura Yumemi and Shohei Otomo, son of Katsuhiro Otomo Akira/Freedon fame.

Cinematic version is NOW Available on the app store :

contact: for more info.