They Made This Massive Godzilla Out Of 2,500 Balloons

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A group of friends made a huge balloon Godzilla this weekend. It caught the attention of Original Godzilla actors Akira Takarada and Haruo Nakajima. They came down to give the team autographs!


They built it over a weekend but they started preparing 2 months before the build by figuring out the shapes. This involved weaving patterns and deciding the types of balloons they would need to buy. Here they are making blue prints.Took a lot of math to get it right.


Each balloon had to be filled with a precise amount of air, previously calculated by the team.


Each member of the team was given a station and a specific role.



These guys were responsible connecting  the balloons into segments of Godzilla’s body. They had to follow the blue print to make sure they were doing it correctly.



Another team was responsible for connecting the balloon’s into chains before they were composed together into Godzilla body parts.


The body and tail alone took the team more  than seven hours to put together.






They carefully labeled the body parts with yellow stickers so they could remember what was front and what was back.



Once the lower body and tail was complete they began to work on the connecting Godzilla’s massive arms and legs.


It took four people to put together Godzilla’s legs. Two were responsible for the shins and two were responsible for the thighs.



It took  them three hours to put together Godzilla’s head.



It only took them a few minutes and a ladder to connect the head with the body. Making a pretty awesome looking Godzilla.




To give you some perspective, the tail alone is 15 feel long.



Of course, once Godzilla was complete, he tried to eat the entire team. Luckily they managed to escape.


After they made friends with Godzilla, they got together and took photos to celebrate.


Then the team got a surprise visit from Haruo Nakajima and Akira Takarada, actors from the original Godzilla movie.



Along with signed autographs!


The complete Godzilla  13 feet high and 25 feet long. Its made out of a total of 2,500 balloons.

Source: imgur