They’re Not Fat… They’re Marshmallow Girls.

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Usually when the word Japanese girls comes into our minds, we would picture a skinny and small figure but there’s a sad truth behind their skinny figure. Society has discriminated those who are not “skinny” but rather on the chubby side. In the other parts of the world, being chubby is a normal thing but in Japan, they don’t approve of women being chubby. The ones that are on the heavy side are being called debu which means fatso online and even in front of them.


Netizens have invented a new nickname for the chubby ladies which will change the people’s attitudes towards them. They’re now called as the “marshmallow girls”!

Below is a picture of what a standard Japanese woman’s figure should be according to the Japanese community.



Did you know that chubby girls are also cute? Mr. Saichu, who has a tummy fetish, had commented how society is against fatties. Sometimes they get criticized for lacking self-discipline or neglecting to maintain a balanced diet which is the reason why they got fat. But to him, a chubby girl’s stomach has a some sort of marshmallow feel to it. Mr. Saichu thinks that  “marshmallow girl” is a cute name that might lessen the tension that is being thrown at them.

Overnight, Japanese twitter users have been commenting saying…

“Call them whatever you like but a fatty is a fatty.”
“That’s confusing, calling them debu or pizza (a demeaning nickname for plus-sized girls who look like an oily otaku) is just fine.”
“The only thing sweet about them is how sweet they are to themselves in terms of health management.”
“Marshmallow Girls, they melt when flamed.”
“Change that name to boneless ham.”
“They’re more like mochi (glutinous rice cake) than marshmallow.”
“Stop trying to rationalize fatsos!”
“‘Meat bun girl’ sounds like a better name.”


A “Marshmallow Girl” model, Goto Seina, was introduced in a magazine as a “marshmallow girl”. She spoke positively about the term in her blog. She said, “It’s something that makes me really happy.” Being called a Marshmallow girl is a positive name for those girls who are on the bigger side but not to extremely fat. “Marshmallow Girl” can be in the middle!





Backstage during their photoshoot:

You know what’s sad? Not all of the chubby girls got their figures from diet related issues. You don’t need to have a model-like figure. Marshmallows girl are quite charming, so stop calling them fatso and start calling them Marshmallow Girls.

To all of the “Marshmallow Girls” out there… BE PROUD AND LOVE YOUR BODY!

Source: Japan Today Pouch

Images: Momonga Sokuhou, Twitter, Geinou Matome Nyu