What Happened To This Couple Is So Insane And Brutal

5 years ago by in China


Xu Fan, the girlfriend, laying down on the ground after the boyfriend tried to murder her.
There are things in life where bad things happen to you. Sometimes there are reasons why bad things happen to you. Xu Fan, a Chinese woman had gotten pregnant by a one night stand with another man. She also has a boyfriend who after finding out what happened he tried to kill her girlfriend. He kidnapped the pregnant girlfriend and attempted to light her on fire by igniting a gas can attached to her back.


He kidnapped her in her sleep and put her inside the car. Then he set the car on fire.

While trying to murder the girlfriend, he was also injured.


The couple were both rushed to the hospital and were fighting for their lives.


Thankfully, the baby survived even after what happened.


Even though the baby wasn’t his, the couple decided that they should stay together.



It’s a miracle that the couple had survived through what has happened to them. By the looks of it, the relationship and the situation was too much for the guy which resulted in him attacking his own girlfriend. Despite the abuse and attempted murder, its even more shocking that she decided to stay with him.

Source: Daily Mail