Marathon Mascots

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Popped down to Shinagawa yesterday to watch the Marathon. Lovely weather and some excellent costumes. The highlights included Hikonyan (samurai cat from Hikone castle), Kappa (mythical creature) and Alien Baltan (Ultraman baddie – who was too fast and I didn’t get a photo of unfortunately). Also was very happy to spot Joseph Tame in his fantastic irun contraption as I’d been following him along in the morning. Always impressed with people who can run a marathon but wearing a sweaty costume or heavy iphone contraption is even more impressive. Well done guys.

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Cockroach & Shinkansen

Heres a picture of the real Hikonyan

Frog & Pikkachu

Pikkachu probably takes third place for costume popularity among the marathon runners.

Joseph Tame

Joseph having a very brief chat at Shinagawa.


This was a really popular choice of costume, must have seen at least 5.

Daikon, Anpanman & Aubergine

Pandas were probably the most popular costume. I suspect it was because Ueno zoo have recently received two


Kappa are sprites thought to live in marshes and rivers. The indentation on his head holds water which gives him strength. Here’s another Kappa from Kappabashi dori.

2 Aubergines