March 11 quake caused Japan to sink by 2.4 cm

9 years ago by in Travel

The Great East Japan Earthquake which triggered an enormous tsunami caused Japan to sink by 2.4 centimeters, scientists confirmed on October 18.

According to Japan’s Geo-spatial Information Authority, the standard datum of leveling showed it was down by 2.4 centimeters or to 24.39 meters from 24.414 meters prior to March 11. The standard datum of leveling is the scale used in measuring height above sea level in Japan. It is found in a building located in Kensei Kinenkan memorial hall in the Nagatacho area of Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.

The recent findings proved once more the tremendous effect of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan’s terrain and the planet in general. Scientists previously announced that the tremor that struck Japan on March 11 moved the nation’s coastline, shifted Japan closer to the United States by 2.4 meters, and shifted the Earth’s axis.

The last time Japan had recorded a change in the standard datum of leveling was during the Great Kanto Earthquake that struck Tokyo in 1923. A government institute estimated the sinking of ground level by 8.6 centimeters from the said quake.

While the ground level sank after March 11, the elevation of mountains and other high areas would not be affected, The Asahi Shimbun reported.