McDonald’s Japan apologizes after banning homeless for a year

8 years ago by in Business

McDonald’s Japan apologized on Friday after it was revealed that one of its outlets had posted more than a year ago a notice that banned homeless people to come inside.

The note said that people working at the west Tokyo branch “would refuse entry to people deemed improper,” including people with a poor hygiene or homeless ones.

After the notice started countless online debates and complaints, McDonald’s Japan said the sign has been replaced and it does not refer to homeless people now.

“Even though the purpose of the notice was for other customers to be able to feel comfortable in the outlet, some of the words it used were inappropriate, and we apologize for that,” a company spokesman said.

The new sign forbids the access to people likely to “cause trouble to other customers, such as by making a rumpus with loud voices, sleeping and having poor hygiene,” according to the international press.

The spokesman added that all other outlets in the country had been instructed to ensure notices are free from discriminatory language.

Officially, a total of 8,265 people were considered homeless in Japan as of January this year, the welfare ministry said, down 13.7 percent from a year earlier.