McDonald’s Japan dances its way to bigger sales

7 years ago by in Business, Entertainment

McDonald’s Japan is facing difficult times as it reported 12 consecutive months of decreasing sales and a nearly 18 percent drop in operating profit, according to a report released by the company at the end of last year.

A “stronger marketing” is needed, the report said, so among other measures for growing sales, the fast-food chained has introduced the “Dancing McCrew,” a viral hit about McDonald’s employees dancing through the workday.

Including typical interior design and sounds of a McDonald’s restaurant, the video presents a tour behind the scenes set to an energetic and funky soundtrack.

Individual elements of the “Dancing McCrew” include “Welcoming,” “Assembling Hamburger,” “Making Drink,” “Washing Hands,” “McDelivery” and “Star Crew.” The different versions of the hit had over a million views.

One additional McDonald’s Japan growth strategy for 2013 is to close 110 restaurants and to “continue with strategic relocation and closures.” A better value proposition and “breakfasts” are citied as additional strategies.

McDonald’s sales in Japan continued to decrease for a long time despite various measures taken by the company, such as pricing and menu adjustments, according to the international press.