More Japanese companies to join Fukushima cleanup

9 years ago by in Business, Featured

Japanese companies will take a more significant role in the cleanup of the Fukushima nuclear plant, said Goshi Hosono, Japan’s minister who deals with the consequences of the disaster.

French and American companies have been so far involved in several cleaning and decommissioning operations at the plant.

The information was confirmed by a statement of a high official at the British Embassy in Tokyo. Trade director Sue Kinoshita said that “the expectation is that Japanese companies will be central to the process”.

The whole cleaning and decommissioning process may take up to 30 years.

The Ministry of Environment previously approximated about 15 to 31 cubic meters of contaminated soil and debris will need to be disposed. For the month of January, the Fukushima government is targeting at least 1,000 sq km of land for cleanup which means spraying buildings, scraping off contaminated soil and removing fallen leaves and plants.