More people die after getting out of cars on expressways

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The number of fatal accidents involving people that get out of their cars on expressways is rising in Japan, according to the National Police Agency (NPA).

Accidents happen because people do not confirm whether other cars are approaching from behind before getting out of their vehicles. Another thing is that they often fail to place a warning triangle or flare on the road to signal their presence. Additionally, many roads in major cities have narrow shoulders, the police said.

The number of accidents in which people were hit by a car on expressways rose by 30 percent last year, to 158, from 121 the previous year. 39 people were killed in a number of 33 fatal accidents, the NPA said.

From the 33 fatal accidents, in 11 cases the victims were trying to fix problems at their vehicles, for example a flat tire, while in the remaining 12 accidents the victims intended to warn other drivers after being involved in an accident.

Most fatalities occurred in Hyogo Prefecture, followed by Osaka Prefecture and Tokyo.