More women in key positions would vitalize Japan – LDP

7 years ago by in Featured, Japan

office womenTo mobilize women and get more of them in key posts would create a breakthrough in Japan’s economy, said the Liberal Democratic Party’s head of public relations, who added that such an evolution would be part of the growth strategy the party is focusing on.

Yuriko Koike, a former defense minister who was appointed as responsible with LDP’s public relations after the liberals returned to power last month, is one of the women who got important positions in the party as Shinzo Abe is making efforts to improve his party’s image.

According to a report released last October by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Japan is far behind other advanced countries in terms of female participation in managing positions. According to the report, Japan’s businesswomen accounted in 2009 for only 9 percent of the total number of managing positions in the country, compared to 43 percent in the United States.

The Liberal Democrats have however still much to do in order to convince the public of their intentions. For example, while the LDP won 294 seats in the December 16 election for the 480-member lower house, only 23 of those seats are held by women.