A third of the electric car owners will never buy another

6 years ago by in Technology

About one-third of the Japanese people who bought an electric car said they will never buy another one again, as they were not properly informed about the “green cars”, according to a study made by the business management consultancy McKinsey and Company.

The cheap power, the advantages offered by the government and the test drives were some of the reasons that convinced many electric car owners in Japan to buy a battery-powered vehicle.

The study also showed that most of the electric vehicle lovers were “green enthusiasts” who “love electric vehicle (EV) technology for its low energy costs and comfortable driving experience”.

However, one-third of the owners said they were very annoyed at their electricity bills–which were higher than what they had anticipated–and the fact that it was difficult to find public recharging stations, according to the local press.

It should be a warning for the electric car makers, who should start education programs in order to prevent other negative market feedback, which might scare off new buyers, McKinsey thinks.

The company did not mention whether the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster had any connection to the electric car ownership in Japan.