65 percent of male employees have considered divorce

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divorce_cakeA high rate of Japanese male office workers have considered divorce, according to a survey conducted by Japanese magazine Nikkan Spa. About 200 married office workers aged between 20 and 40 were asked if they have ever thought of divorcing their wife. About 65.5 percent of them answered “Yes”, while 35 percent of the 65.5 percent blamed their spouses for the situation.

When asked “What would make you feel the urge to divorce?”, 42 percent of the respondents said the reason is the wife’s personality.

“Whether it may be related to my job or the role I play around the house, demands from the wife are endless. Not having her say until the bitter end means that she is not satisfied. The nagging and whining here and there have become a daily ritual.” (32, sales)

Other respondents mentioned wife’s “sudden change” in worse after the marriage papers have been signed. “No effort goes into the cleaning of the house. Whether it may be dirty laundry or a floor ridden with dust, she does not show even the slightest bit of concern.” (37, transports)

“Not only does she no longer listen to a single word I have to say, she even goes so far as to belittle me in front of the children. It starts with the words “Hey!! Wake up”, then immediately afterwards I feel her kicking me in my face as she attempts to rouse me.” (36, trade).

However, getting a divorce in Japan takes a lot of time and effort, and for this reason 7 percent of the interviewees answered they prefer to go on with their marriage.

“I have got the welfare of my child to think about. What is more, by going through with a divorce I would bring an awful lot of disappointment to my parents.” (42, foreign capital)

“I have taken a loan out on the house. Selling it and splitting all assets with her would be too much of a hassle.” (35, trade)