Most wanted careers by 1st-grade Japanese children

7 years ago by in Entertainment

A survey by chemical product maker Kuraray Co. showed on Wednesday that most of the little boys in their first-grade in elementary school would like to become athletes when they will grow up. Little girls’ most popular choice for a future career was confectionery business.

The poll targeted students entering elementary school this spring and who bought school bags made with materials produced by Kuraray. The company surveyed about 4,000 children who were asked to make a list of their favorite types of careers, according to Kyodo news agency.

Based on the survey, about 27.2 percent of boys said they wanted to be athletes, while 33.9 percent of girls aspired to work in bakeries or patisserie shops and to make bread, cake or sweets. In previous years, a smaller percent of the boys said they would like to become policemen or drivers, while some of the girls said they would prefer to work in flower shops.

It seems however that being an athlete or a baker is a stable career goal for the little ones, as both figures marked the 15th straight year when such professions topped the list.