Motion Figure System MF201 Is The World’s First Motion Figure System

7 years ago by in Technology

What is said to be the world’s first motion figure system is a 25cm tall slender robot figure system that is called the “Motion Figure System MF201”. This slender robot is made by Speecys Corp. It was said that one of Speecys’ employees, Tomoaki Kasuga, actually spent some time working on the AIBO at Sony. Just look at how it turned out.


This slender robot was said to have 20 axes. Three in the waist, three in each of its legs, four in each of the arms, and lastly – three in the head. It only has voice functions, BLE, and can connect to wifi connections. For the robot to move, it requires a platform or stand for its motor.


The company displayed the Motion Figure System MF201 in a public event while searching for a commercial partner. If they find the right deal, they’ll be able to sell it at ¥50-100,000 (around $500-$1,000). However, it needs to be made into some type of  character before it can be sold as a toy or an entertainment piece for both grown ups and kids.