Mount Fuji officials collected $ 340,000 in admission fees

6 years ago by in Entertainment

Mount Fuji administrators collected $ 340,000 in admission fees since July 25 when they started to charge a $ 10 optional fee from the people who wanted to visit the UNESCO heritage site. Officials from Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures, which the mountain straddles, said on Saturday that about 34,000 climbers paid the fee.

They noted at one of the 4 entrances about 60 percent of climbers agreed to cooperate. The 2 prefectures are planning to officially charge starting next summer, the media write. Yamanashi governor Shomei Yokouchi said that he is thankful for the cooperation and will discuss ways to officially introduce the admission fee.

Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest and much-climbed mountain is recently got the UNESCO World Heritage status, and the tourists’ number could thus grow vertiginously. Some say the mountain’s environment is already endangered, so specialists came to the conclusion that, in order to keep the number of climbers from rising, a fee for climbing would help.

A small entry fee would help preserving the environment and preventing accidents, a preliminary study regarding such a decision showed.