My visit to Tokyo!

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I recently spent a couple weeks in Tokyo traveling all around the city, and it was one of the best experiences in my life so far. I love the city, the people and I can’t get enough of the food! I will upload more pics over time but here are some for now!


Shinjuku at night time. This was a side street and I just thought the trees strung with lights made the whole place look pretty. I’m very glad the hotel where I stayed at was just one stop away from Shinjuku, as it quickly became my favorite part of the city.

Night shot of Ikebukuro

Night shot of Ikebukuro from Sunshine City Observatory Deck. This particular part of Ikebukuro was just glowing, even amidst all the lights of the rest of the city.

Temple in Ueno Park

Temple at Ueno Park with wooden plaques bearing dreams and wishes.

This was taken in Ueno Park where out of nowhere, was a small field of I dont know what, but it was very scenic with many birds flying around.

A side street of Ginza where you can window shop to your heart’s content.

Roppongi with Tokyo tower in the distance. It felt like the tower was running away from me as I walked from Roppongi Hills to the Tower.

Shot of Tokyo tower from underneath!

Rainbow Bridge at night. If you go in to Tokyo from Narita airport and take the limo bus, you will get the chance to go across the bridge.

Another shot in Ueno Park.

Street shot of Ginza. The streets are so clean you could eat off it.

Sunset in Roppongi

Akihabara aka Electric Town aka Akiba. For some reason, I noticed a lot of Duty free stores, more so than other parts of the city.

Odaiba was a very fun place to walk around. They have a big complex called Aqua City, where they have shopping, restaurants, entertainment, but if you walk to their decks outside, you get a beautiful view of the skyline which includes a replica of Statue of Liberty and Japan’s Rainbow Bridge. Getting to Odaiba was great fun as you get to ride a monorail which gave you a great view of that part of the city.

Shimbashi at night, coming back from Odaiba. Lots of good places to eat and shop there, but then again the whole city is like that!

I would hate to untie that. This was in Yokohama, about a 45 min train ride from Tokyo.

Odaiba’s giant Ferris Wheel behind the Toyota showroom.

Ramen Museum in Yokohama. Must visit if you love ramen.

Shot from Tokyo Goverment Building. Top left hand corner looks like Godzilla’s shadow.

Landmark Tower in Yokohama. They have a rocketship of an elevator.