N. Korea may soon launch new long-range missile

7 years ago by in Featured, Korea

North Korea is prepared to launch a long-range missile in the next two months, according to a senior official in the South Korean army, quoted by Yonhap New Agency.

Apparent sings of preparations for a missile launch were spotted, the official said. He did not want to reveal his identity, Kyodo reported. The observation was made after the long-range missile parts were transported to Tongchang-ri missile site early this month, he said.

“The South Korean military) is judging that there is high possibility of (the North’s) firing off the missile between December and January of next year” the official said.

North Korea launched in April what it called a long-range rocket to support satellite-related operations, but the international powers said it was a cover for testing missile technology.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in April that USA and Japan “share a strong interest in stability on the Korean peninsula. We believe that strength and security will not come from more provocations but from North Korea living up to its commitments and obligations,” Clinton said.