Nakano-ku by night

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When missing the last train in Japan, one has a lot of opportunities to explore the local area during a long walk home. Below are pictures of Nakano by night, Japan’s most densely inhabited district. Despite Roppongi, Shinjuku, or Shibuya, most local areas in Tokyo are rather deserted after 11pm.

Shin-Nakano Inari Shrine

One of many Inari Shrines that can be found throughout the country. The main shrine, Fushimi Inari Taisha, is located in Kyoto, Fushimi district.

Construction site near Nakano station

Workers doing something on the main road connecting Nakano station and Shin-Nakano subway station.

Other side

The view to the other site.

Some side street

A side street.

Nakano Dori

Nakano street.

Royal Host

Royal Host. A so-called family restaurant where typically high school and university students gather. The big advantage is that those restaurants are open until about 2am and they have a drink bar, meaning a flat rate for non alcoholic drinks for only about 3 dollar. πŸ™‚

Some random building

A distribution company on the other side of the street and a rare example of graffiti street art in Japan.

Family Mart

Family Mart, one of the many convenience stores in Japan, open 24/7.

A local kindergarten

Himawari Hoikuen.
Sunflower pre-school.


A random street.


A place where newspapers are packed and distributed early in the morning.

Nabeya Yokocho

Waiting at the famous Nabeya Yokocho crossing.