New Japanese TV project to be extended in Southeast Asia

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cool japanJapanese TV stations, advertising agencies and other partners intend to establish TV stations that will broadcast Japanese dramas, anime and information programs in countries in Southeast Asia, starting with 2013. The project, called “Japan Channel”, is set to promote Japan’s culture and products and it could become a great source of income for Japan, according to the international press.

The Japanese companies will contribute capital and programs to the stations. The project will be financially assisted by the Japanese government through a fund tentatively named “Cool Japan Fund”. Both public and private sectors will contribute to the fund, which will be of about Y80 billion.

A local cable TV station in Singapore, included in the project, will start airing programs such as dramas, anime or food shows in February. The Japanese government will contribute to the project by providing monetary assistance for dubbing and subtitles. Other countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines are making preparations to start broadcasting.

The plan includes sales and distribution channels for Japanese products such as toys, cosmetics, and clothing. It is also expected for the project to determinate more tourists to visit Japan, the international press comments.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration regards the project as one of its measures to boost Japan’s economy.

“The global market will expand to 900 trillion yen in 2020. It’s very possible to achieve the goal considering the strong interest in Japanese culture,” an official of the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry said.