New York to adopt Japanese standing restaurants

7 years ago by in Entertainment

Standing restaurants, popular places in Japan where food is cooked by Michelin chefs much cheaper compared to a seated-restaurants, are about to open n New York too.

Michio Yasuda, an executive director at ORENO Corporation, which owns and runs 18 restaurants in Tokyo, hopes New Yorkers will receive well the idea of having a refined meal while standing.

“Only a tiny portion of people can afford to eat at Michelin starred restaurants but those who earn a modest income should also be able to try high quality food,” said Yasuda, according to the international press.

In Japan, the standing restaurants’ menus include dishes such as beef tournedos with foie gras. The price of a meal is around Y4,000 ($47,50), the equivalent of having some drinks and snacks at a regular Japanese pub.

Now, ORENO Corporation plans to open a standing, gourmet Japanese restaurant in New York.

“Japanese food at a top-rated place in New York is so expensive. We want to completely change that,” said Hiroshi Shimada, a chef who set up a gourmet standing Japanese restaurant in the Ginza after leaving the Michelin three-starred Japanese restaurant Azabu Yukimura.

Some of the dishes will probably be modified according to the American tastes, Shimada said.

“For example, we might add just a tiny bit of butter to our ‘dashi’ soup stock. Or take Japanese simmered dishes like ‘niku jaga’ – meat with potatoes – and serve them with bread, like a stew,” he added.