Nice to meet you! 初めまして!

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Handmade chocolates by EriChan

Hello readers of Tokyo.JapanTimes,

Have you been out and about in Tokyo recently? Besides the cold, COLD weather seen anything special? Chocolate, strawberries, pink stars and red hearts are everywhere. Everything suggests that love is in the air.

Tomorrow is February 14, Valentine’s Day.

I always thought Valentine’s Day was a kind of two way street where she makes herself cute and pretty for him. He gives her flowers, they go out for dinner and he pays. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a one way street where she hand makes thoughfully-adorably-meticulously decorated heart-shaped chocolates and he, then, eats them and has until March 14, ‘White Day’ to give something back.

I wish I had not known that so that I could’ve pulled the ‘gaijin’ excuse card…too late.
I need to start making chocolates edible by tomorrow.

For my first article on Tokyo.JapanTimes I’ll share my first experience of Valentine’s Day in Tokyo from a girl’s point of view. Stay tuned!