Nissan and Microsoft partnership blends technology and business

7 years ago by in Travel

Microsoft Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. have announced a strategic alliance that seeks to blend dealership and customer relationship management.

Employing Microsoft Dynamics, the partnership will help Nissan build a stronger relationship with customers, bolster dealer sales and expand market share worldwide.

“Customer loyalty and retention are essential to the success of any business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps businesses better understand and build deeper relationships with their customers and partners,” said Kirill Tatarinov, president, Microsoft Business Solutions in a news press release.

For its part, Nissan said it was “delighted to be working with Microsoft in developing the next-generation dealer management system”. The Japanese automaker has sought for a solution that will help them better understand their customers and increase sales and brand power.

The two companies are set to hold a joint press conference regarding the matter.

The dealer management system will initially be implemented among Nissan’s dealership networks in Japan as well as in strategic locations around the globe. The system will be customized according to the peculiarities, needs and requirements of a country, region or automotive manufacturer.

Microsoft, launched in 1975, is the world’s leader in software, services and solutions helping businesses and people realize their goals and full potential.

Nissan, on the other hand, is Japan’s second-largest automotive company employing around 248,000 employees globally. It has sold more than 4.1 million vehicles in 2010 with a revenue of 8.77 trillion yen ($102.37 billion US).