Nissan bags New York cab contract

10 years ago by in Travel

Photo by navets

The suffering Japanese auto industry has some cause for celebration, after New York chose Nissan’s NV200 as the “Taxi of Tomorrow.” Starting in 2013 the NV200 will be phased into commission over the next 10 years. Eventually the Nissan Vehicle will be the exclusive cab of the city.

Japan Today reported that the vehicle will be designed to carry more than half a million commuters through New York City traffic.

Nissan managed to beat out Ford and Karsan, a Turkish automaker. Not only did the vehicle have the best fueling rating among the three companies but it was also the most popular among New Yorkers. Although commuters will have to wait a few years before the fleet is ready, Nissan has donated six of their new electric cars, the Leaf, which will be commissioned immediately. If the Leaf proves effective, some of the NV200 vehicles might incorporate electric motors. [JT]