Noda strongly condemns N. Korea at nuclear summit

8 years ago by in Featured, Korea

Japan’s prime minister Yoshihiko Noda steered off the agenda at the nuclear security summit in Seoul on Tuesday to openly criticize North Korea for its plan to launch a missile next month.

Neither North Korea nor Iran was on the official agenda of the summit and no other participant leader mentioned North Korea, except for the Japanese prime minister.

“The planned missile launch North Korea recently announced would go against the international community’s nuclear non-proliferation effort and violate U.N. Security Council resolutions,” Noda said.

North Korea insists next months plan is a weather satellite launch, but the Western powers have criticized it more or less openly saying Pyongyang is using the mission as a pretext for a long-range missile launch test.

Last week, North Korea said that if its “nuclear issue is placed on the agenda at the Seoul summit” it would be a “provocation” that would amount to a declaration of war and block discussions for denuclearization.

U.S. president Barack Obama warned at the summit against the “real” threat “of the wrong people getting hold of the materials to make a crude atomic bomb”. He added that “nuclear terrorism is one of the most urgent and serious threats to global security.”