Nokia to exit Japanese market

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Unable to keep up in the competitive market of cell phones, Nokia is pulling out of Japan.

Nokia had four stores in Japan and July will see the last store of the Finnish handset maker close in Ginza.

The maker of the Vertu cell phones has been unable to capitalize on their concept of luxury phones; one such luxury phone made of lacquer by a Japanese craftsman sold for ¥20 million.

Nokia has been unable to compete in the high end or low end with smart phones. The iPhone from Apple Inc. is extremely popular in Japan, as are other options by Japanese makers.

This is a blow to the leading seller of cell phones since 1998. Apple overtook Nokia in the first quarter of this year and Nokia’s market share continues to topple. It is at 29 percent, which is the company’s lowest share of the market since the 1990s.

Nokia continues to limp along without a substantial product to compete in the smartphone market. The Tokyo office will close by the end of this year but Nokia will continue to work with Japan in other markets.

[] Photo by John.Karakatsanis