Noodle chain opens its first restaurant in Moscow

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

udon noodleToridoll Corp, a Kobe-based food service company, will open its first udon noodle restaurant in Europe on Friday. The new restaurant called “Marugame Seimen” will open in Russia, Moscow and will serve specialties that contain noodles made of wheat flour.

Toridoll’s chain restaurants proved to be successful in Japan and they already entered China, South Korea, Thailand and the United States. The company’s officials said they plan to open 100 restaurants in Russia by 2017, despite the fact that the Russian market is said to be difficult to be entered, due to bureaucracy and “unique” business practices, according to the international press.

Masahiro Ikemitsu, president of Toridoll LLC (Russia), said that two positive aspects of the Russian market are Moscow's population, which is the largest among major European cities, and the country's rather high economical development.

Russians already tried sushi and it proved to be a huge success, according to the 46-year-old company manager, so he expects for the customers to embrace noodles too. “I hope Russians will enjoy the authentic taste of udon noodles,” he said.

The restaurant in Moscow will be a self-service store and customers will be able to watch the cooks boil and prepare the noodles. It will also serve specialties that are not on its menus in Japan such as sushi rolls or curry and rice.