If You Ever Want To Visit North Korea, These 28 Haircuts Are The Only Allowed

6 years ago by in Korea

As you know, North Korea is a strict country. What happens in North Korea is usually kept as a secret but some information manages to leak out, giving people who don’t live there an idea what it’s like to live in their country.  There are crazy rules in North Korea but you wouldn’t think that they would make rules on what haircut people should have.

Here are photos of the allowed haircuts that were recently leaked. Yes, you heard me right. The people are prohibited to have any haircut that’s not in the picture. This is just one of the tight restrictions that residents living in North Korea have to face every day.

Women who aren’t married yet would have to keep their hair above their shoulder. But, if you get married, you can then go crazy with your haircut. You can decide to let your hair grow just a little bit below your shoulders or if you want to be daring, you can add curls.

For young men, they’re required to keep their hair at two inches at most. They also order young men to get a haircut every fifteen days since they think that having longer hair would take nutrition away from their brains. When they become older and are less likely to rebel, and become more mature, they’re then allowed to grow their hair up to three inches.

Even though life is complicated in North Korea, it’s bad enough that even haircuts are being controlled. It makes you want to roll your eyes at them for this restriction…