North Korea’s next leader secretly visited Japan as a child

8 years ago by in Travel

North Korea’s future leader Kim Jong-Un secretly visited Japan in the early 90s, when he was a child, according to intelligence sources quoted by the Japanese media.

In May 1991, he entered Japan accompanied by another boy, believed to have been his older brother Jong-Chul. They used Brazilian passports and stayed in the country for about a week. They have visited Tokyo Disneyland during their stay.

Jong-Un, then 8 years old, obtained a Japanese visa in Vienna and entered the country under the pseudonym of Joseph Pak.

A number of 10 adults accompanied the children, while their mother, Japanese-born ethnic Korean dancer Ko Yong-Hi, entered Japan a few days later and joined the group.

Kim Jong-Un visited Japan several more times during 1991, using the same method, the sources say.

According to information published by the Japanese press, Jong-Un is now 28 and his older brother Jong-Chul is 30.

Their mother, the third wife of Kim Jong-Il, is thought to have died of breast cancer in 2004.