Odaiba at night

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Odaiba is also a great place to visit at night. A lot of nice views of Tokyo.
Also if you are lucky, you get to see Odaiba Water Illumination show.

The Rainbow Bridge at night

At the start of the Water Illumination there is a bit of laser show first.

Then water illumination starts. It’s kind of hard to catch the pictures on camera, but the video shows it nicely (a tripod rules for this sort of night photo walks).

Entire show runs for something like 22 minutes every 30 minutes or so.
Definitely see the video if you have not seen the real thing.

Video, part 1:

Video, part2:

I wondered how HDR would look at night. Not what I hoped for, but still somewhat interesting.

One of the colored ferries at the Tokyo Bay

Sakura was still going strong at the time

Replica of the Liberty Statue

The Tokyo Tower is better visible here.
Most of the Tokyo Tower pictures show it in the "early evening" phase where it shines with red-yellow color, but as it becomes later it changes to this purple color instead.

Yurikamome line with a train.

Night panoram of the Tokyo Bay.

Link to a bigger picture

Odaiba Ferris Wheel

While they display nice colored patterns, it’s pretty hard to capture them on camera at night and retain the original colors. I did my best and it still did not work quite the way I hoped it would.
Perhaps it would turn out better when it’s still not so dark outside? (need to try it sometime when we are back to Japan)