This TV Show In Japan Will Make You Cry Of Laughter

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Japan

This TV show is called “Find the Chair”. It’s no doubt one of the greatest TV shows ever made and I’m sure you’ll also agree.

Step 1: The contestant is required to wear a blindfold while the man carrying the chair will be walking quietly behind him.


Step 2: The man who’s walking quietly behind the contestant will decide where to place the chair while the blindfolded guy will have to listen carefully to any chair-on-floor action.


Step 3: After finally picking a spot to place the chair on, the man holding the chair will put it down on the chosen spot.


Step 4: Once the blindfolded man feels confident about where the chair is, he’ll go towards that direction and…


Step 5: Now, here’s a whole different angle to watch it from.


Step 6: Oh man. That has got to hurt, let’s go look at your very supportive teammates’ reactions…


And the last step is: Try not to cry in front of the camera.


If you’re not content with just the gifs, here is a full video of the whole thing.  🙂

Source: YouTube