Original Japanese Yukata Has An Unexpected Design On Them

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Toyo Tire and Rubber Co. Ltd, has set out to create a new fashion that you may find bizarre. They decided to have their tire products designed onto yukata, and by that I mean, the yukata has tire tread marks on them. The result actually came out looking amazing! You may think that tire treads will have a rather rough or dirty image since they are used on the road but the results will blow you away. It came out colorful and stylish. It can definitely be something you can wear during summer.

These are pictures of Toyo employees wearing those fashionable yukata marked with tire treads.



This is the first time that we see yukatas designed from tires and the outcome really turned out great. Yukata are Japanese summer kimonos. They are mostly seen during fireworks display and festivals held in the hot summer months. As quoted from Toyo (according to japantrends), “In order to give customers a sense of the rich expression of our tires, which are renowned for their original designs, we had our tread designs tailored into the patterns for yukata, a garment commonly worn during summers in Japan. By transposing the originality of tires, normally thought of as a simple round, black object, into the feminine world of color dimensions apart, we have created another unique touch point distinctive of Toyo Tires.”

toyo-tire-tread-yukata-fashion-2 (1)

toyo-tire-tread-yukata-fashion-2 (1)


The three tires that were used for this design were of course from Toyo tires. Their names are NANOENERGY, PROXIES R1R, AND OPEN COUNTRY M/T. The yukata was dyed in a traditional style.

I know how stylish it looks but the bad thing is, these fashionable yukata are not for sale and will only be used at company promotional events.


source: japantrends, @nippon_en