Osaka police hires Robocop to watch train passengers from perverts

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The Osaka Police Department in Japan has hired a robot to protect train passengers from perverts.

“Robocop is a hammer of justice to molesters threatening women,” the Osaka police stated on its website.

The Robocop can arrest citizens who break the law. It also warns train travelers not to leave their belongings in the train, as well as the drivers not to put their possessions on view in cars, according to the international press.

However, Robocop is not a real robot, but a man acting as a cyborg crime-fighter. The project came as a team work between the Japanese police and West Japan Railway Company.

The robot’s unusual role is really part of a peculiar public service campaign with the promotional film appearing on the police department’s official site.

Such is Robocop’s notoriety in Japan, the film launching the new cop in town even includes a clip for the latest movie.

The movie “Robocop” will be released in Japan on March 14. It depicts the story of a Detroit policeman who is badly injured during one of his missions. The only chance for him to survive is to be transformed in part-man, part-robot police officer.